There has been increasing interests and active researches in acupuncture and related techniques over the past few decades but it has often been difficult to reflect accomplishments of acupuncture and techniques using meridians in practice in forms of validated researches. We are proud to be a part of 5,000 years long history of traditional Korean medicine, but we are always seeking ways to improve our knowledge. We cordially invite distinguished scholars and researchers to join congress and establish academic network. We hope this will enrich your understanding of Oriental medicine with open perspectives on various topics.

KPI hosted the 1st international symposium in 2001 where scholars from 4 nations participated. The number of participating nations grew to 6 in the 2003 symposium. In an effort to build a momentum to step into the world of acupuncture research community, KPI and SMA joined together to host the 1st SAMS with bigger participation from around the world. For the 3rd SAMS, the AMSRC (Acupuncture & Meridian Science Research Center) led by Prof. Hyejung Lee, the foremost researcher in acupuncture and meridian studies, will jointly host the upcoming symposium.

We would very much like to invite you to join us in Seoul in October 2007.