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This is SAMS 2010 Chairman Sungchul Kim.

This year marks the sixth anniversary of SAMS international symposium, which is to be held under the theme of “The 21st century future medicine- Harmonization of traditional medicine and science”. Traditional oriental medicine aims to maintain as well as restore the balance within the human body through the harmonization of spirit and body, and acupuncture and pharmacopuncture therapy is gaining popularity among various other treatments.

The SAMS 2010 Organizing Committee has invited world-renowned scholars at home and abroad to this event in order to promote the development of acupuncture treatment through meridian studies, and I hope that this symposium will lay the foundation for discussing the results of recent studies and sharing state-of-the-art knowledge between scholars.

SAMS 2010 will focus mainly on neuroscience-based acupuncture studies and provide various academic studies in the field of traditional medicine, including clinical studies on untreatable diseases and the relationship between meridians and Bonghan ducts. I, as the Chairman of SAMS 2010, would like to invite all of the well-known traditional medicine practitioners at home and abroad as well as KPI members to this significant event.

Through this event, I hope that complementary and conventional medicine practitioners can have a good chance to work together to open a new medical paradigm, which will lead the 21st century, to overcome incurable diseases.

As the venue for SAMS 2010 is located in Korea’s 2nd largest city Busan boasting of its beautiful sea vistas, I am sure that this Symposium will leave you with many wonderful and cherishable memories as well. It will be much appreciated if you participate in SAMS 2010 with strong interest.