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Guidelines for abstract
  You could download an abstract format at the link below. All abstract applicants are required to send their abstract as a form of attached file on e-mail: abstract@samsams.org.

Please don’t forget to indicate your preferred presentation type (oral or poster).
Any further inquiry relating to abstract submission, feel free to contact SAMS secretariat. (Sharon Jung)

  • Guidelines for abstract submission
  • Abstract should be submitted by July 31st, 2010

To submit an abstract, please follow the instructions below.

  • Abstracts should be submitted by June 30th, 2010.
  • Abstracts should have the title, author, affiliation, contact information and abstracts should contain a maximum of 350 words and must be submitted in English.
  • Arial fonts are requested.
  • Names of authors should indicate first name followed by your last name.
    Ex: Sharon Jung1*, Alexander Kang2,
  • Use taxonomic names for plants in the form of Genus species (common name).
  • Use international standard nomenclature for meridian & acupoints recognized by WHO.
    Ex: ST36, CV12
  • Once Submission is completed, you will receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of your abstract submission. If you do not receive the confirmation within 5 working days after submission, please e-mail back to the secretariat (Sharon Jung) to this address ; abstract@samsams.org
  • Acceptance of abstract(s) may be restricted to participants who have returned both registration form and fees to the Organizers at the address below no later than September 20th, 2010.
Important notes
  • Abstracts must be identified whether they are submitted for oral vs. poster presentation.
  • Abstracts not selected for paper presentation will be considered for poster presentation.
  • Abstracts not following the above instructions will not be accepted.
  • Awards will be given to 5 best poster presentations. (www.amsawards.com)
 Poster size limitation: 80 x 110 cm (Width x Height)
Abstract Guidelines

Please follow exactly the style of the sample abstract using the headings detailed below.


● Title (in bold) goes here – it should be as short and concise as possible

● Presenting author in bold,1 Name,2 Name1,2
[Please provide your full name in order of first name, middle name initials and last name, followed by comma and followed by superscript number for affiliation]

1Department of Meridian & Acupoint, College of Korean Medicine, Sangji University, Wonju, Korea
2Acupuncture & Meridian Science Research Centre, KyungHee University, Seoul, Korea
[Please include country]

● Objective

● Materials and methods

● Results

● Conclusion

● Acknowledgement

All funding should be acknowledged at the end of the abstract.

Please e-mail your abstract to abstract@samsams.org
2010 SAMS Organizing Committee www.samsams.org