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Planning your Trip

Busan is the city with many hot spots to visit for the visitors. For your short trip to Busan, here are the places we recommend to look around in your leisure time. Other than listed below, there are many more choices you can design on your taste.
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Tour Program

Half Day Tour

  • Choice 1 :
  • Art and The Sea
  • Busan Museum of Modern Art—Dalmaji Hill—Korea Art Gallery—Johyun Gallery—The World’s Mystery Library—Cheongsapo Inlet
  • Appreciate Korean contemporary art in Busan, a cultural town, and then have a romantic moment at Cheongsapo Inlet which is believed to bring people love.
  • Choice 2 :
  • On Location in Busan
  • Taejeongdae—temporary Capital City Memorial Center—Gukje Market—PIFF Square—Jagalchi
  • Seafood Market—Shanghai street Experience Busan as if you were on film.
  • Choice 3 :
  • Buddhism and The Spirit of Tea
  • Beomeosa [Temple]—Tea Ceremony—Bokcheon Museum—Dongnae Spas
  • The tea culture of Oriental Buddhism is important to Buddhist monks because the spirit of the tea ceremony corresponds to that of Zen meditation. Discover the spirit of Buddhism and experience a tea ceremony in Busan.

One Day Tour

  • Choice 1 :
  • City of Dragons
  • Nurimaru APEC House—Haedong Yonggungsa [Temple]—Sinseondae [Hermits’ Playground]—Jagalchi Seafood Market—Gukje Market—Yongdusan Park
  • Come and Say a prayer or make a wish on your visit to this special historic site where the legend of a dragon dwells.
  • Choice 2 :
  • Traces of History
  • UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea—Busan Museum—Beomeosa [Temple]—Dongnae Spas—Chungnyeolsa [Shrine]
  • A trip to illuminate your future by racing history back over 1000 years.

Nightlife Cruise Tour

The View of Busan at night is breathtaking.

  • Tezroc Cruise
    A Romantic Cruise Line that cruises between the islets Oryukdo and Busan Port
  • Course : Jungang-Dong → Taejongdae → Oryukdo(Islets) → GwanganBridge →
    Dongbaekseom Island → Jungang-dong
  • Boarding and Departure : 12:00, 14:30, 16:30, 19:00
  • Haeundae Cruise
  • You can catch the scenic beauty of these mysterious islets, Oryukdo, and the views of the coastal area much closer on a cruise ship sailing around on the open water.
  • Course :
    Daytime : Haeundae → Dongbaekseom Island → Gwangan Bridge → Igidae → Oryukdo(islets)
    Nighttime : Haeundae → Dongbaekseom Island → Gwangan Bridge → Gwangan Beach
  • Daytime 09:00~19:00, Nighttime 20:00~22:00
  • If you are interested about the tour option above, Please contact the secretariat: Sharon Jung at info@samsams.org.